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Missing Teeth? Require an extraction?

Looking for an alternative rather than having a bridge or removable dentures?


Whilst there is nothing wrong with having missing teeth, the gaps between your existing teeth and the missing tooth over time can cause your existing teeth to move or may result in eventual shrinkage in the jawbone which can lead to prematurely ageing of your facial tissue. Thus being said the new and esthetically proven way to enhance your smile is by having an implant placed into your existing gap where the roots where, then an all ceramic tooth is secured to the implant. To learn more about dental implants and options available be sure to speak with one of our dentists or dental prosthetist.




Specialist Dentistry


Wisdom Teeth Extractions? Surgical Extractions? Orthodontics?  Snoring Appliances?


Need any of the above? If so then be sure to book in for a consultation with our Dentists to see if we can help you within our surgery.



Pediatric Dentistry


Are you too afraid to take your children to the dentist because of a past experience?


Our dental team are enthusiastic about taking the time to educate and encourage your children to develop a proactive approach to dental awareness.


If the above question relates to you don’t worry your definitely not alone! This question is our most common fear from our customers that why at Modern Healthcare Professionals our staff strive their best to ensure your children are as comfortable as possible, and can give your child the option of being able to watch movies or listen to music during their treatment with you by their side.



General  and Restorative Dentistry


Sore Teeth? Sensitive Teeth or are you due for a Clean?


We offer dental services such as general check ups, scale and cleans, fluoride treatments, root canal treatment, tooth extractions and more, and for your smile we only use natural looking restorative material on your teeth.



Cosmetic Dentistry


Everyone loves a smile and we feel that you should love yours too!


Cosmetic dentistry is a possibility to enhance your smile whilst boosting your confidence but can also be an option to restore cracked, discolored, stained, fractured or badly restored teeth.


We offer products and services such as Porcelain Veneers, Porcelain Inlays or Onlays, Crowns,

Bridges or for the more complex cases Implants.


So if your unhappy about your smile, or feel your need just that little tweaking be sure to book yourself in for a consultation with one of our dentists.





Would you like to have straighter teeth but don’t wish to have the traditional braces?


Invisalign is an alternative treatment now available rather than having braces for the less complex patient.  Invisalign is a series of clear aligners designed especially to fit your teeth enabling them to gently move your teeth into a straighter format over a period of approximately 12 months.  Unfortunately this treatment is not available to all patients as it depends on the complexity of the existing  teeth , therefore  requires a complete and honest consultation from our Dentists to see if Invisalign is the right treatment for you.



Teeth Whitening


Want that whiter brighter smile?


In chair whitening by your Dentist or the Dentists at Modern Healthcare Professionals can provide you with a “Do it yourself” take home whitening kit. We believe that you should be happy with the colour of your teeth, so if your thinking of having that whiter, brighter smile ask our dentists TODAY.



Our Denture Clinic

Need an urgent denture repair? Is your existing denture giving you pain or discomfort? Are you happy with the way your current denture or dentures look and feel?


At Modern Healthcare Professionals our staff understand how important appearances are to a person as well as being comfortable with the way things feel, so we always listen to our patients requests and help tailor those needs for each individual.


So be sure to contact our friendly staff today to book an appointment with our Dental Prosthetist today.